Offering luxury properties and presenting them online

Offering luxury real estate for sale in Paris and Brussels

Are you a premium sector real estate agent looking for innovative ways to offer high-quality properties in Paris and Brussels to new global customers?
localis prestige optimizes your marketing activities and helps you win new customers in the luxury property sector. We offer you the opportunity to present your properties along with other renowned real estate agents. In order to appeal to global customers, localis prestige only cooperates with real estate agents who provide high-quality service and specialize in premium properties.
To ensure that properties presented by localis prestige meet agreed high standards of quality, we editorially check each and every new property before it goes online.

localis prestige combines two methods for efficient real estate marketing:

  • Take the opportunity to present your property offers online in localis prestige. 
  • Reply to criteria-based search requests from localis prestige users and submit bespoke offers.

The benefits:

  •  You can present your property offers geared towards specific target groups
    (localis prestige only presents premium sector properties).
  • Reap the benefits of innovative and flexible property marketing
    (e.g. specific activation and deactivation of your property offers within your booked online package).
  • Increase the efficiency of your advertising activities and reduce losses
    (e.g. within the offered optional additional services, you are only charged for replying to a property search request when the user actually views or opens your property description online).
  • The various language versions of localis prestige (French, English, German) help to directly address international customers
    (a further two language versions, Chinese and Russian, are in the pipeline).
  • The integrated web-controlling provides retrievable information about visitors to your online property descriptions
    (e.g. via property-specific access statistics with the country of origin).

The best way to achieve efficient real estate marketing ...

1. Registering

Before benefiting from the localis prestige services, you must register as a professional real estate agent.  

2. Validating and activating localis prestige partners

After registration, we use specified criteria (e.g. quality of the offered properties, type and scope of the offered services) to validate your application as a localis prestige partner. 

3. Online package (free test package / fee-based online package)

After being accepted as an official localis prestige partner, you can – in compliance with the required quality criteria – use all the services according to your booked online package. You have the opportunity to use the automatically activated free test package (trial period: 100 days; max. 10 properties can be activated simultaneously). During the trial period or after expiry of the test package, you can book a fee-based online package (validity period: 6 or 12 months). 

4. Editorial property check

To guarantee that the high standards of quality demanded by localis prestige are met today and in the future, each new online property is editorially checked. The online presentation of property offers which do not meet the standards expected by localis prestige users are unfortunately not accepted or we request a graphical redesign of the property description. A crucial factor for presentation in localis prestige is the characterization as a premium property of exclusive quality (e.g. as regards the style of construction, location or features). 

5. Activating a property for online presentation

After activating your properties, you can present them in our online catalog. The maximum number of simultaneously presented online properties depends on the booked online package. According to your booked online package you can always add new offers and change or update data. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to activate and deactivate your properties as often as you wish according to the booked number of properties.  

6. Submitting an offer due to a search request (liable to costs)

Users can create individual property search profiles online via localis prestige. As a property provider you have the opportunity to reply to these search requests with specific property offers. All current search requests can be viewed online in your customer area. If desired, sign up to receive free emails about all new property requests. You can now submit your property offers to users via localis prestige. These email offers are then sent by localis prestige to the respective user. Each registered real estate agent can currently send a maximum of 4 offers per search request. After submitting a property offer, you are only charged (offer charges) when the user actually views or opens your detailed property description online. 

7. Contacting localis prestige users

To achieve the highest possible customer orientation at localis prestige, users alone decide whether and which real estate agents they wish to contact on the basis of submitted property offers. User contact details (except the country of origin) are treated confidentially by localis prestige and are not shown in the search request. This assures the complete discretion and anonymity desired by so many users, whilst guaranteeing the high integrity of claimed services. 
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Do you wish to become a localis prestige partner and make the most of the offered services?