1. Free services for users

The utilization of localis prestige is free of charge for users, i.e. those searching for properties. Neither registering nor creating search requests and receiving offers entails costs for users.

2. Prices for real estate agents / localis prestige partners

Free test package

Become a localis prestige partner and present up to 10 properties for 100 days without obligation and free of charge in localis prestige! 

This trial offer is only for new customers.

After the trial period, your customer account is automatically deactivated. If you still wish to benefit from the excellent services for real estate agents, you must book a new online package. The prices and conditions below apply depending on the range of services.

Optional submission of offers during the trial period

Replying to search requests and submitting property offers to users (freely selectable and without obligation).
Offer charges (per submitted and viewed offer):  € 5.50
(if necessary, plus VAT)

Test package registration:


6 months

localis Test
10 activatable properties
0 € / MONTH

Price list

(Updated: 01.10.2012)

The following prices apply for professional real estate agents depending on the range of services:  

Online presentation of properties (online package)

Accounting mode:
For the booked period in advance / by invoice. 

Submission of property offers

Offer charges (per submitted and viewed offer):  € 5.50
(if necessary, plus VAT)
Accounting mode:
Per submitted and viewed offer / monthly / by invoice. 

Presentation of property of the week

Costs per property and per week:  € 90
(if necessary, plus VAT)
Accounting mode:
Per booked week / monthly / by invoice. 

Online package start

The online package contract commences as soon as it is activated. The maximum number of activated properties of the selected service package can be presented online during the booked period (6 or 12 months). The booked online package is not automatically renewed upon expiry.
  • The maximum number of properties which can be activated corresponds to the maximum number of properties which can be simultaneously presented online.
  • Properties can be flexibly activated, deactivated and deleted by the property provider.


localis 02
2 activatable properties
5.50 €* per sent offer
localis 05
5 activatable properties
5.50 €* per sent offer
localis 10
10 activatable properties
5.50 €* per sent offer
localis 15
15 activatable properties
5.50 €* per sent offer
localis 20
20 activatable properties
5.50 €* per sent offer
localis 30
30 activatable properties
5.50 €* per sent offer

6 months

58 €* / MONTH
110 €* / MONTH
180 €* / MONTH
225 €* / MONTH
265 €* / MONTH
320 €* / MONTH


12 months

48 €* / MONTH
90 €* / MONTH
145 €* / MONTH
195 €* / MONTH
235 €* / MONTH
290 €* / MONTH
* If applicable, plus VAT.

Clarification of prices

Costs for online packages

The costs for an online package depend on the selected validity period and the number of properties which can be simultaneously activated. 

Costs for the submission of offers to users (offer charges)

As a property provider you can, if desired, receive email search requests from users and view further details about the respective request in your customer area. You have the opportunity to reply to search requests and submit property offers via localis prestige. 

You are only charged for a property offer when the user views your submitted offer online or opens the respective property description.

You submit four offers during one month. The users view all the submitted offers. The net costs for the offers submitted during this month will be € 22 (4 x € 5.50). Offer charges will be invoiced monthly from the start of the contract.  

Costs for the presentation of the property of the week

As a real estate agent, you can present a property from your property portfolio directly on the localis prestige main page and sub pages. The bookable advertising period always relates to one week. It is also possible to book several weeks.

3. Becoming a localis prestige partner:

localis prestige presents premium properties in Paris and Brussels offered for sale by professional real estate agents. 

  • Apartments and houses can be presented.
  • Vacant lots and commercial properties cannot be presented.
  • There is no legal right to the posting and online presentation of properties and data.
  • To guarantee that the high standards of quality demanded by localis prestige are met today and in the future, each new online property is editorially checked. The online presentation of property offers which do not meet the standards expected by localis prestige users are unfortunately not accepted or we request a graphical redesign of the property description.
  • If you have any further questions, please email us at: Contact