Loft Brussels

A loft is characterized by the full open space that is used for living in or as a atelier. A loft expresses a particular lifestyle in a well-lighted and artistic atmosphere that reflects the impressions of the former occupation (such as warehouse, factory or old studio).

Generally a loft is sold empty and you need a complete arrangement.

Are you looking for an extraordinary loft in a lively or a quiet neighborhood in Brussels capital region? localis work only with the reputable real estate agencies to find the property that suits you.

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Stable property price in Belgium
In the opinion of experts, the residential property price in Belgium is expected to remain relatively stable in 2012. Arrow_red more
Attractive rental yield in Brussels
Yields range between 4.4 and 5.4 % in Brussels. Arrow_red more
House and villa prices in Brussels
The highest median prices of single family houses and villas in Brussels in 2011: Uccle and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (450,000 EUR). Arrow_red more
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