Property search request

Search request for luxury properties for sale in Paris and Brussels  

A localis prestige property search profile is a time-saving and discreet way to discover your dream property in Paris or Brussels. Optimize your property search by combining the Internet with professional advice from selected real estate agents. 

The property search request allows you to individually define the criteria for your dream property online. After creating the search profile, localis prestige forwards your request anonymously to premium sector real estate agents. You will then receive up to 12 bespoke offers from real estate agents specializing in the sale and acquisition of luxury apartments and houses.

The benefits: 

  • The online search request form allows you to freely define the most important criteria for your dream property.
  • Save time by sending just one individual online property search request.
  • Your contact details (except for the country of origin) are not sent to real estate agents. Your search request is therefore discreet and anonymous.
  • You receive property offers from professional real estate agents specializing in the premium sector.
  • After receiving the offer, you alone decide whether you wish to contact the respective real estate agent or not.
  • You can delete your profile at any time or create new ones.
  • localis prestige services are free of charge for users.

The best way to discover your dream property ...

1. Registering

To create a localis prestige online search request, you must be registered as a localis prestige user.  

2. Creating a property search request

The system menu provides a step-by-step approach to creating and placing your property search request. (To view an example search request form, please click on the button on this page.)  

3. Forwarding your search request to real estate agents

localis prestige anonymously and discreetly forwards your search profile to premium sector real estate agents (the agent is only informed of your country of origin).  

4. Receiving property offers

Our property partners now have the opportunity to send you offers which they feel will be of particular interest to you via localis prestige. You will receive up to 12 email offers which can be viewed in detail at any time in our system.  

5. Viewing and manging property offers

You can manage and compare all the received property offers in your personal customer area. If you do not wish to receive any further offers, simply stop them at any time. Furthermore, you have the right to delete your search request at any time.  

6. Contacting real estate agents

You alone decide whether and which real estate agent you wish to contact for further property information. Your personal contact details are not forwarded to real estate agents together with your search request.  
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